For a naturally thick looking hair, apply VOUX® hair building fibers evenly on all light patches until they are fully covered and the desired result is achieved. Firmly pat the fibers with your hand into the real hairs. If necessary, you may whish to fix with hairspray in order to assure a lasting result.

Your scalp is now fully covered and light patches completely filled up. Your hair looks natural and thick. The result is so surprising that no one would ever predict your hair loss.


Wash and style your hair as usual. You can use any shampoo to remove VOUX® hair building fibers at the end of the day or the next morning.


Apply VOUX® on the light and thinning patches through shaking the tube over the head, until all areas are fully covered.


(Optional) Fix with hair spray to assure a lasting result. Rain, wind and sweat will not be an issue.


Simply continue your normal everyday life. Depending on your lifestyle you might want to fix VOUX® in your hair with hairspray or with dry waxes or gels. This is important because our hairstyle is a reflection of our personality and therefore takes great influence on our appearance. If the hair gets thinner, many people dream of their earlier hair. This is exactly where VOUX® can help.


VOUX consists of 100% natural cotton fibers and therefore is also applicable to people with very sensitive skin. Thanks to its covering effect it protects the skull from UV-light and sunburn. All products have been tested by the German laboratories of TÜV Rheinland AG according to the Cosmetic Regulation (EG) Nr. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament.



Our human hair is naturally positively charged. VOUX® utilises this effect: thanks to an electrostatic force between the hair and the VOUX® fiber, each hair strand individually is covered, making it look thick and full. In a simplified way, you can think of a balloon, which you rub on your hair. You see that the hair seems to be magnetically attached to the balloon. VOUX® uses the same sort of force to hold into the hair.
Depending on your usage around 30-40 applications. That’s an equivalent of 1 month and more.
Fixed with hair spray VOUX® will stay in your hair despite wind and rain
To imitate your natural hair colour, we advice you to mix different colours. Use a darker colour first and finish up with a lighter colour.
Stop if any irritations occur during application. For external use only. Only works with light hair.

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